Genealogy of Jesus Birth of Jesus Star of Bethlehem Visit of the Magi Flight Into Egypt Massacre of the Innocents Herod the Great's Death Return of the Family of Jesus to Nazareth Ministry of John the Baptist Baptism of Jesus Temptation of Jesus Return of Jesus to Galilee First Disciples of Jesus Beatitudes The Lamp Under a Bushel Expounding of the Law Discourse on Ostentation The Lord's Prayer The Birds of Heaven Discourse on Judging Discourse on Holiness The Test of a Good Person The Wise and the Foolish Builders Cleansing a Leper The Centurion's Servant Healing the Mother of Peter's Wife Exorcising at Sunset Calming the Storm Gerasenes Demonic Paralytic at Capernaum Calling of Matthew New Wine Into Old Wineskins Daughter of Jairus The Bleeding Woman Two Blind Men at Galilee Exorcising a Mute Commissioning the Twelve Apostles Not Peace, but a Sword Messengers From John the Baptist Lord of the Sabbath Man With Withered Hand Exorcising the Blind and Mute Man Parable of the Strong Man Eternal Sin Jesus' True Relatives Rejection of Jesus Parable of the Sower The Tares Parable of the Mustard Seed The Leaven Parable of the Pearl Drawing in the Net The Hidden Treasure Beheading of John the Baptist Feeding the 5000 Jesus' Walk on Water Healing in Gennesaret Discourse on Defilement Canaanite Woman's Daughter Feeding the 4000 Confession of Peter Transfiguration of Jesus Boy Possessed by a Demon Coin in the Fish's Mouth The Little Children The Lost Sheep The Unforgiving Servant The Little Children Divorce and Celibacy Jesus and the Rich Young Man The Workers in the Vineyard Jesus Predicts His Death Son of Man Came to Serve Blind Near Jericho Palm Sunday Second Temple Cleansing Cursing the Fig Tree Authority of Jesus Questioned The Two Sons The Wicked Husbandmen The Great Banquet Render Unto Caesar... Woes of the Pharisees Second Coming Prophecy The Budding Fig Tree The Faithful Servant The Ten Virgins The Talents or Minas The Sheep and the Goats Anointing of Jesus Bargain of Judas Last Supper Gethsemane The Kiss of Judas Arrest of Jesus Sanhedrin Trial of Jesus Blood Curse Carrying the Cross Crucifixion of Jesus