Birth of John the Baptist Annunciation Visitation of Mary Birth of Jesus Annunciation to the Shepherds Adoration of the Shepherds Circumcision of Jesus Infant Jesus at the Temple Return of the Family of Jesus to Nazareth Finding Jesus in the Temple Genealogy of Jesus Ministry of John the Baptist Baptism of Jesus Temptation of Jesus Exorcism at the Synagogue in Capernaum Rejection of Jesus Healing the Mother of Peter's Wife Exorcising at Sunset First Disciples of Jesus Miraculous Draught of Fishes Cleansing a Leper Paralytic at Capernaum Calling of Matthew New Wine Into Old Wineskins Beatitudes Expounding of the Law Discourse on Judging The Test of a Good Person The Wise and the Foolish Builders Commissioning the Twelve Apostles Lord of the Sabbath Man With Withered Hand Young Man From Nain The Two Debtors The Centurion's Servant Messengers From John the Baptist Anointing of Jesus The Lamp Under a Bushel Calming the Storm Gerasenes Demonic Daughter of Jairus The Bleeding Woman Jesus' True Relatives Parable of the Sower Beheading of John the Baptist Feeding the 5000 Confession of Peter Transfiguration of Jesus Boy Possessed by a Demon The Little Children The Little Children Seventy Disciples Parable of the Good Samaritan Jesus at the Home of Martha and Mary The Lord's Prayer The Friend at Night Exorcising the Blind and Mute Man Parable of the Strong Man The Rich Fool The Birds of Heaven Not Peace, but a Sword Eternal Sin The Faithful Servant The Barren Fig Tree An Infirm Woman Parable of the Mustard Seed The Leaven Man With Dropsy Counting the Cost The Great Banquet The Lost Sheep The Lost Coin Parable of the Prodigal Son The Unjust Steward Rich Man and Lazarus The Master and Servant Cleansing Ten Lepers The Unjust Judge Pharisee and the Tax Collector Jesus and the Rich Young Man Jesus Predicts His Death Blind Near Jericho Jesus and Zacchaeus Palm Sunday Second Temple Cleansing The Talents or Minas Authority of Jesus Questioned The Wicked Husbandmen Render Unto Caesar... Woes of the Pharisees Widow's Mite Second Coming Prophecy The Budding Fig Tree Bargain of Judas Last Supper Gethsemane The Kiss of Judas Healing the Ear of a Servant Arrest of Jesus Sanhedrin Trial of Jesus Carrying the Cross Crucifixion of Jesus