Doers of the Word

Key Passage

Welcome with meekness the implanted word that has the power to save your souls. But be doers of the word, and not merely hearers who deceive themselves. (James 1:21–22)


Adults: Which words of Jesus provide the most inspiration for the Christian work that you do?
Children: How do you welcome the words of Jesus into your heart?


First Reading • Advantages of Fidelity

Deuteronomy 4:1-2, 6-8 (NRSVCE | GNT | MSG | NLT | NRSVACE)

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Psalms 15:2-3a, 3b-4a, 4b-5 (NRSVCE | GNT | MSG | NLT | NRSVACE)

Second Reading • Response to God's Gift

James 1:17-18, 21b-22, 27 (NRSVCE | GNT | MSG | NLT | NRSVACE)

Gospel • Jesus and the Pharisees

Mark 7:1-8, 14-15, 21-23 (NRSVCE | GNT | MSG | NLT | NRSVACE)